19 May 2016
My main computer for web development has Windows operating system. Sometimes I need to check how the site that I'm working on looks like when deployed on a Linux server. This can be done in multiple ways, and one of them is creating a virtual Linux machine and testing the site there.

This article will explain how you can create a virtual Linux web-server on a Windows computer with the help of VirtualBox.
24 January 2016
The default .htaccess file that is bundled with Drupal works pretty well on servers with Apache. However, if your server uses Nginx to serve site pages to visitors you will quickly find that it knows nothing about .htaccess files and never loads them.

This article explains how you can configure Nginx to redirect users from the non-www domain to the www one.
18 January 2016
Drupal 7 comes with .htaccess that allows you uncomment a few lines and make the site be always on the "www" or the non-"www" domain. But what if you want to force it to be HTTPS only?

Not a problem! This article describes how you can configure this on your Apache server.
20 December 2015
I started playing with Drupal 8 about a year ago. At that time installing it on a local computer was the only option as none of hosting providers that I tried had a server compatible with Drupal 8. It was fun to try new Drupal 8 features, but the inability to launch a demo website and test drive it in action pushed me away.

In this article I will explain how you can deploy a Drupal 8 website on DigitalOcean servers and get it running on PHP7.